No. 653, M.G Road,
Near Railway Station,
Puducherry - 605 001.
Ph : 0413 - 4308384

The ultimate experience of mouth watering ice cream lies not only in the taste of the cream but also its softness and instant melting nature as it flows over the taste buds. Welcome to the delightful taste of the Manana Ice Cream. Manana is one of the leading ice cream parlour in Pondicherry!!!

The Manana brand is highlighted by the variety of flavors and innovations such as Bar Ice cream such as Nutty chocolate, Grape Lolly, Mango lolly etc, and Yummy cone like Vanilla yummy, Chocolate yummy, Butterscotch yummy and having many different varities of flavors in balls such as Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mango & Mutka kulfi. And other Specialties in slice such as cake slice & cassata slice. Manana ice cream is the best ice cream for the children and everyone. We offer best price with good quality.

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